Transmitter stopped with 21143/QS6611 NIC on 10BaseT-HD but work with Win98 default driver.

Michael Sin
Wed Oct 21 06:33:59 1998

At 03:07 PM 10/20/98 +0200, you wrote:
>> I have post the following message last week and I would like to add more 
>> 1. I wonder why the Win98 default driver can detect the 10BaseT-HD and
>> Tulip.c can't. I am working
>> on a no brand single board computer with on-board DEC21143/QS6611 
>> 2. Can anybody tell me more about the 21143 evaluation board from DEC? I
>> think my NIC design may use
>> the similar circuit for those GPI pins from 21143 to QS6611 for control and
>> "reset", some QS6611
>> can't do power on reset and need the GPI to trigger it. Do you think that
>> GPI/QS6611 reset is the
>> problem?
>As we are experiencing similar problems with a ACER ALN 315 Chipset DEC 21143,
>we would like to know, whether you ever found a solution for your problem.

No. I have not find the solution yet. I wonder can anybody help me on this.