v0.90 driver now available for test

Stephen Mills smills@lan1.com.au
Wed Oct 21 01:38:46 1998

>On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Stephen Mills wrote:
>> Just thought Id say thanks for this new updated chipset Donald.
>> Finally my Compex FL100TX 21143PD card works perfectly with 0.90 [at the
>> moment :)] (.88K would 100% halt with aaic errors at boot)
>Do you mean 'APIC'?  The 2.1.120 series kernel have unusably buggy APIC
>(Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) code.  None of the
>last few development kernels will run on all of the SMP machines we have at
>CESDIS.  (Four different types of dual-P6 motherboards.)
>DHCP and routing seem to be regularly broken as well.  The behavior of
>adding a route when the interface is marked UP is particular troublesome.

I am unsure when you refer to APIC, it sounds similar concept to ASPI for

Oh yeah there was also a kernel change between tests I conducted about 2
months ago.
I used 2.0.34-0.6 for 0.88H which was unsuccessful, and 2.0.35 for 0.90 for
todays successful test.

>From memory 0.88H would detect and boot the rest of the services, if I
punched up ifconfig it would see the card, but it was dead and wouldn't do
0.88K would just kill the system altogether and would halt on loading. So it
seems you have added some code that my compex card liked between 0.88K and

>For that reason I discount bug reports with recent kernels.
>They both have the same PCI ID, but not many 21142 chips were made.

O I see....

Stephen Mills
Sys Admin
Lan 1 Pty Ltd