Netgear ethernet card problems

Duffey, Harry (Houston)
Wed Oct 14 11:06:13 1998

Alright you Linux gurus, see if you can solve my problem.

I'm currently having a problem using Netgear cards with Redhat linux.
It seems to be an arp problem.  We have 2 linux machines on our network
with 2 netgear cards in them each (ip routing turned on).  One card is
on our regular network and one card is on a private network.  We are
noticing problems with network connectivity.

eth0 -	mask
eth2 -	mask

I'm experiencing problems pinging certain hosts on the 15.43.2.x
network.  Sometimes they respond and sometimes they don't.  After
putting a sniffer on the network, we noticed an arp problem.  The host
we were pinging did respond with an arp reply but for some reason the
Netgear card couln't read it.  The arp cache showed the following. ( at <incomplete> on eth2

To make a long story short.  replaced the card with an ne2000 card and I
didn't notice the problem.  I have 2 machines with 4 netgear cards in
them using your tulip driver.  I don't think the cards are bad, but I
was wondering if it could be a driver problem.

Is arp happening at the driver level or at the ethernet card level?  I
would like to keep the Netgear cards because we have so many of them.

Anyone have any ideas?