tulip.c (DEC 21142)

Dominik Weis weis@math.hws.edu
Mon Oct 12 18:20:34 1998

We had problems with one of our Linux servers with DEC network cards(DEC
21142) and Linux 2.0.35. We used first de4x5.c but after we experienced
twice a network failure we changed to tulip.c. The server was working
fine for two month. 
With this driver we get every few hours and entry in /var/log/messages.
Could someone explain me what it means and if that could be a reason why
we experienced network problems?

Oct 12 18:01:28 math kernel: eth0: 21142 100baseTx link beat good.


Dominik Weis (Could you please reply to my address too because I am not on
the mailling list)

cat /proc/pci

Bus  0, device  17, function  0:
    Ethernet controller: DEC DC21142 (rev 48).
      Medium devsel.  Fast back-to-back capable.  IRQ 11.  Master Capable.
Latency=96.  Min Gnt=20.Max Lat=40.
      I/O at 0xec00.
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xffaffe80.

<6>tulip.c:v0.89H 5/23/98 becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov
<6>eth0: Digital DS21142/3 Tulip at 0xec00, 00 48 54 00 d1 2d, IRQ 11.
<6>eth0:  EEPROM default media type Autosense.
<6>eth0:  Index #0 - Media 10baseT (#0) described by a 21142 Serial PHY
(2) block.
<6>eth0:  Index #1 - Media 10baseT-FD (#4) described by a 21142 Serial PHY
(2) block.
<6>eth0:  Index #2 - Media 100baseTx (#3) described by a 21143 SYM PHY (4)
<6>eth0:  Index #3 - Media 100baseTx-FD (#5) described by a 21143 SYM PHY
(4) block.

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