MX98713 medium selection woes

Thomas Sailer
Fri Nov 13 08:24:03 1998

While the 0.90 tulip driver now runs stable
on my MX98713 cards against 10Mbps equipment
(tested against Baynetworks gear and an NE2k clone),
I've still got considerable difficulties with
the medium selection at 100Mbps. I've tried to
get two Macronix cards connected together
with a crossed cable, but the only thing
I managed to get was an unidirectional connection.

I also tried one Macronix card against a
DEC 21140 card, and with different option settings
for the latter, but no (more) luck.

I also played with different CSR6 settings on the
Macronix side, but that didn't help either.

Anyone any further idea on how to get this working?