21143 on Samsung/API UX motherboard

Tomoo Nomura nomura@tmo.co.jp
Thu Nov 12 16:36:18 1998

> Hi there ( mainly to Donal Becker).
> Where can I get info on "forcing" the media detect on the tulip driver to a
> given media type/speed?

    0 Auto-select (default to the 10baseT link)
        1 10base2
        2 AUI
        3 100baseTx
        4 10baseT-FD
        5 100baseTx-FD
        6 100baseT4
        7 100baseFx
        8 100baseFx-FD
        9 MII 10baseT
        10 MII 10baseT-FD
        11 MII (autoselect)
        12  10baseT (no autoselect), v0.69 and later only
        13 MII 100baseTx
        14 MII 100baseTx-FD
        15 MII 100baseT4

> We are now fighting with the Samsung/API Alpha UX boards which have a 21143
>  on them. Using v.90 we get the driver reporting various things on startup,
> then when the machine comes up it floods the network with activity,
> effectively hosing the network. The hub lightrs flash very quickly and
> steadily. I suspect media-detection issues.
> Any thoughts?

As far as I know, 21140-AA,AB,AE,AF works fine, but 21140-AC has the same problem.

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