DLINK DFE530TX a bad card?

David Schwartz davids@webmaster.com
Mon Jul 20 17:11:40 1998

	Just avoid the SVEC PN102TX. It's a great 10/100 card for your Windows
boxes, but Linux doesn't really support it properly yet.


> We've been using the SVEC cards
> (http://www.svec.com/graphics/product/fastcard/pn100tx.htm) that run about
> US $35, to me an amazing price point.  We don't beat on them too hard, but
> they seem to work, if anyone has a different opinion I'd like to hear it.
> They do seem to be a little picky about older PCI buses, they
> would hang an
> old 486/120 we wanted to use as a gateway.  We also have their
> $99 8-port hub.
> These cards are 100% generic, they come with a little green-tinged manual
> that makes no mention of SVEC (or anyone else).  The only place
> the company
> name is mentioned is on the box.  Anyone else have cards that match that
> same description?
> Jim