Macronix 98713

Thomas Sailer
Fri Aug 21 06:34:04 1998

Nicholas Edwards wrote:

> file etc, are good...I keep getting duplicate packets when I ping other
> machines. A ping -f will usually produce about 10% DUP! which I believe is
> not a good thing?

This is indeed a problem of the driver. If you're not using flood pings,
you're even getting more dups.

Another problem is the gross latency. Round trip time of two Macronix
cards connected back to back with 100MBit/s under Linux is somewhere in
the 3ms region, while a cheapo NE2000 clone and a 3C509 connected
with 10MBit/s is approx. 1ms.

> problem is with the MX chipset? For instance, do such errors happen under
> other OS'es, like NT, for which there are vendor developed drivers, or is
> this a linux specific problem that hopefully will be solved?

It *seems* to work ok under Windows95.

Our initialisation was incorrect, therefore media selection did not
work. I made a patch to change that.

But I haven't found out why there are dups, however. The tulip driver
code looks correct.

If someone else wants to look at it, the Macronix website
( contains besides the PDF datasheets also source
code of their diagnostic app.