Macronix 98713

Nicholas Edwards
Fri Aug 21 01:04:35 1998

Hi, I'm currently running the .89X versions of this driver, loaded as a
module with KTI-223TX cards.  While my transmission speeds, as measured by
doing some tests with ftp, seeing how long it takes to tranfer 100 meg
file etc, are good...I keep getting duplicate packets when I ping other
machines. A ping -f will usually produce about 10% DUP! which I believe is
not a good thing?

I appreciate everyone's work on the tulip driver (I also have a 21140 card
that works flawlessly with the driver), but I should like to know what the
problem is with the MX chipset? For instance, do such errors happen under
other OS'es, like NT, for which there are vendor developed drivers, or is
this a linux specific problem that hopefully will be solved?

Seeing that the MX 10/100 cards cost only a little more than $20-25, I
would like especially to be able to recommend them to my NT/95 friends. So
are the MX chips really at all "buggy" or do we just not know all about
them yet?

Thanks alot for everyone's work on this driver and its support!

Nicholas Edwards