Can't select media on 2nd Adapatec - ANA6911A/TX Combo nic

Paul Skelly
Fri Aug 21 13:47:15 1998

Hi All,

I'm having trouble getting my second  Adaptec - ANA6911A/TX Combo PCI
card working. The first one is working fine now, but I can't seem to get
the second
one to select the right media. My guess from the messages I get at boot
time is that it is
trying to use 10base2, but I want it to use MII 10baseT.

FYI, my configuration is
    Pentium - II/400 on an Intel SE440BX motherboard
    Two Adaptec - ANA6911A/TX Combo NICs
    Redhat Linux 5.0 with a 2.0.35 kernel
    Tulip driver 0.89K with the addition at line 733 of:

        outl(inl(ioaddr+CSR15) & ~(0x800037c0),ioaddr+CSR15);

(Sorry for not writing it in diff format - I always end up getting
things like that backwards.) Incidently, the only difference I see with
line is that the driver finds the MII transceiver, whereas without the
line it said it didn't.
Other than that, it seemed to work either way (it didn't seem to make a
difference for the first
card whether it found the MII transceiver or not - it still worked using
MII 10baseT).

    eth0 works fine on MII 10baseT
    eth1 won't select MII 10baseT

I don't know if this is also of interest, but initially, I couldn't get
eth0 to work until I added the line
    options tulip options=9 debug=(I think 6, but I don't think that
makes a difference)
to my /etc/conf.modules.

However, now that it works, it doesn't seem to matter whether the
options line is there or not.

Does anyone have more than two of these nics running, or any idea how I
fix my set-up?