[tulip-bug] LNE100TX v2.0 (was: Kingston kne111tx...)

Jeff Garzik jgarzik@mandrakesoft.com
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:54:19 -0400

Keith Warno wrote:
> Over the weekend my box's network connectivity crapped out on 3 separate
> occassions and so I came into work 3 times to see what was up
> (fortunately only a 10 min drive).  On the third visit I threw in the
> towel and decided to swap out the NIC, only to find that it was a
> version 2.0 LNE100TX as opposed to a version 4 as I originally believed
> it was (we have version 4 cards everywhere else here).  The card I threw
> in is the LNE100TX version 4.1 and the issues have gone away.  However I
> am using the kernel-distributed tulip driver at the moment.  I suspect I
> would have success with the Scyld tulip driver as well.

IIRC v2 and v4[.1] are totally different chips.  You changed from a
PNIC2 chip to a Comet chip.  Since you're now using different code paths
in the driver it works for you.

I've seen unresolved reports for both the kernel 2.4 and scyld.com
driver on PNIC2 but haven't had time to chase them down yet.

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