[tulip-bug] LNE100TX v2.0 (was: Kingston kne111tx...)

Keith Warno keith.warno@valaran.com
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:34:47 -0400

Keith Warno wrote:
> Donald Becker wrote:
> >
> > The transmitter is in the "waiting for Tx to end" state.
> > The 'tulip-diag' program will tell us more.
> >

Argh!  This has driven my rather batty the past few days, but here's
some more info.

Over the weekend my box's network connectivity crapped out on 3 separate
occassions and so I came into work 3 times to see what was up
(fortunately only a 10 min drive).  On the third visit I threw in the
towel and decided to swap out the NIC, only to find that it was a
version 2.0 LNE100TX as opposed to a version 4 as I originally believed
it was (we have version 4 cards everywhere else here).  The card I threw
in is the LNE100TX version 4.1 and the issues have gone away.  However I
am using the kernel-distributed tulip driver at the moment.  I suspect I
would have success with the Scyld tulip driver as well.

The question remains: is there an issue with the version 2.0 cards and
the 2.4 kernel series?  I did not have any problems at all using that
card with the 2.2 kernel series + Scyld tulip driver.  Or maybe the card
just died?  I think the latter is unlikely...

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