[tulip-bug] Very slow performance with FA310TX

A E Lawrence adrian.spiced.lawrence@oucs.pork.ox.ac.uk
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 19:16:53 +0100

John William wrote:
> I am having problems with a Netgear FA310TX card. Transfer rates to/from the
> machine using this card are abysmally slow.
> My configuration is as follows: 2.2.17 kernel with tulip.o module, machine
> is a dual-pentium SMP machine and I'm running the SMP kernel. The test
> machine is connected to a Netgear FS105 switching hub (10/100). Other
> machines connected to the hub include two Win98 and another Linux machine.
> The hub indicates that the 310TX link is 100BT full duplex.

Apart from the deadlock bug in 0.92 which can show up under high loads,
Netgear FX310TXs work here under 2.2.17, and essentially saturate a
100Mb/s network on unidirectional tranfers. But this is single
processors, not SMP. ttcp might be useful in testing to eliminate disc
interaction. Or try transfers between /dev/zero and /dev/null perhaps.

Dr A E Lawrence (from home with apologies for spam enhanced return