2.2.11 problems

Cody Pisto cpisto@flash.net
Thu Aug 19 00:35:26 1999

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When I boot/reboot my system, I cannot contact remote hosts until a
remote host contacts me. IE: after a reboot I am unable to ping or
connect to any remote host, if a remote host pings me, I am _then_ able
to connect to remote hosts. I am running 2.2.11 and have tried both of
the following tulip.c versions:
tulip.c:v0.89H 5/23/98 becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov (stock from 2.2.11)
tulip.c:v0.91g 7/16/99 becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov

both exhibit the same problem. output from tulip-diag is identical with
each driver before and after remote host contact.

ifconfig eth0 down
thunder@roxen:~$ sudo ./tulip-diag -aem
tulip-diag.c:v1.12 7/31/99 Donald Becker (becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov)
Index #1: Found a Lite-On 82c168 PNIC adapter at 0xe000.
Lite-On 82c168 PNIC chip registers at 0xe000:
  00004800 01ff0000 0cbcd874 00099810 00099a10 02000112 816e0000
  00000000 00000000 00099ad0 00099ad0 00000025 00000000 00000000
  00000000 00000000 f0041385 000000bf 60960021 000998b0 0cf94810
  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
 Port selection is MII, half-duplex.
 Transmit stopped, Receive stopped, half-duplex.
  The Rx process state is 'Stopped'.
  The Tx process state is 'Stopped'.
  The transmit unit is set to store-and-forward.
 A simplifed EEPROM data table was found.
 The EEPROM does not contain transceiver control information.
 MII PHY found at address 1, status 0x782d.
 MII PHY #1 transceiver registers:
   1000 782d 7810 0000 01e1 0021 0000 0000
   0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
   0000 0000 4000 0000 26bb 0010 0000 0002
   0001 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000.

after bringing the interface down, and backup again i am unable to
contact remote hosts once again,

so i bring the interface down once again, rmmod tulip, then modprobe
tulip and bring the interface up again, still unable to contact remote
hosts, ping my machine from a remote host, then i am able to contact
remote hosts.


Netgear FA310TX

00:13.0 Ethernet controller: Lite-On Communications Inc LNE100TX (rev

eth0: Lite-On 82c168 PNIC at 0xe000, 00 a0 cc 3b bc ed, IRQ 19.
eth0:  MII transceiver found at MDIO address 1, config 1000 status 782d.
eth0:  Advertising 01e1 on PHY 1, previously advertising 01e1.

sometime after boot and after i a remote host has contacted me
eth0: Changing PNIC configuration to half-duplex, CSR6 816e0000.

the machine is a dual p3/550 on a tyan tiger 100
I have an identical revision card on another machine running 2.2.10 and
non smp kernel.
it does not exhibit this problem so i must assume it is specific to
2.2.11 and any driver

please CC replies to cpisto@flash.net

any info on a fix for this would be of great help.

Thanks in advance
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