Partial success (Re: [realtek] on-board rtl8139 fails.)

Donald Becker
Sat Dec 7 17:20:01 2002

On 7 Dec 2002, Jarl Friis wrote:

> I installed windows on another partition, realised that it used IRQ
> 10, actually it have not assigned IRQ to *anything* at all, I shut the
> machine down.
> changed some settings in BIOS
> changed "Installed OS" from "Windows XP" to "DOS" whatever that means.

It likely changes the format of the IRQ mapping table.

> Now it uses IRQ 10 as Windows XP, and it works...
> even with the default prebuilt binary kernel and modules...
> So Now I am curious:
> Is it possible that "IRQ 9" is broken somehow???

Yes, or the table format from the BIOS isn't correct.

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