Partial success (Re: [realtek] on-board rtl8139 fails.)

Jarl Friis
Sat Dec 7 15:52:01 2002

Partial success...

I installed windows on another partition, realised that it used IRQ
10, actually it have not assigned IRQ to *anything* at all, I shut the
machine down.

changed some settings in BIOS
changed "Installed OS" from "Windows XP" to "DOS" whatever that means.

Now it uses IRQ 10 as Windows XP, and it works...
even with the default prebuilt binary kernel and modules...

So Now I am curious:
Is it possible that "IRQ 9" is broken somehow???
what precisely does "installed OS" in the BIOS do?
What happens if I change the BIOS back to "Windows XP"?
Is it possible to configure (runtime or compiletime) the kernel to
avoid certain IRQs?
and further questions...

Any suggestions or partial answers are welcome.

Otherwise I will consider the rtl8139 driver (and the 8139too) driver
to work properly and have no more comments to that.

Thanks for all the help