Fw: Re: [realtek] Compilation problem

Mark_Neill@csx.com Mark_Neill@csx.com
13 Sep 2000 12:19:34 EDT

Sorry, I missed getting the list ont his reply, too....

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000 08:40:17 -0700, B. Atashband said:
>  Soooo with an IRQ of 0 and broken heart!, I thank you all for listening and 
>  especially Mr. Becker for his invaluable help. 

Cheese with your wine?

I had your exact card in an HP8565 working perfectly under RedHat 6.1 and
SuSE 6.3, both running stock kernels.  It has since been replaced to to
mysterious card death (likely due to the same lightning bolt that blew out my
system), but that is insignificant.

[mark@tbone mark]$ uname -a
Linux tbone 2.2.14 #4 Tue Jun 13 19:44:16 EDT 2000 i586 unknown

That's the RedHat system....2.2.14 kernel from some kernel mirror installed
on June 24th.

I did have probelms with .15 or .16 when they came out, IIRC.  But I have no
need to run bleeding-edge kernels, this box runs fine as the firewall it's
intended to be.

I'm not sure why you're having trouble, but back off of the newer kernel
versions to a stable release 1 or 2 versions back.  .14 works for me.  Turn
off plug-and-play on your motherboard, and manually assign IRQ's to the slots. 
At least that way you'll know what IRQ goes to that slot.	There's no
your card shouldn't work, I have firsthand experiance that it does work.

If you get it running with the older kernel, start applying patches until it
breaks, then let Donald et al know what patch you were applying to which
version so they can find out what broke it.



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