[realtek] bug found in driver

Chris Leavoy cyber@phix-it.com
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 17:05:25 -0400 (EDT)

> > PS: Am I the only one having this type of problem?
> Not by a long shot.  If you peruse the mailing list archives for this list,
> you'll find it littered with reports such as yours going back at least to
> the first time I submitted one (14 months ago) and probably a lot earlier
> than that as well.

This is wierd because you would think with so many people having this
problem, that it would be fixed and added the the main rtl8139.c code. Or
at the very least, branch a second driver for the cards which are affected
by this problem.

> > There is a bug in the rtl8139.c driver that causes the interface to stop
> > responding.
> Yes, there is.  Have you tried Jeff Garzik's patched version for the
> 2.3/2.4 kernel series?  I haven't done extensive testing on it, but my machines
> don't seem to lock up with that one.

I grabbed the rtl8139.c out of the 2.3 kernel source, but i wasnt able to
compile it under my 2.2 kernel source.  Right now, i cant switch over to
2.3/2.4.  Is there some way that i could somehow compile this patched
version without changing kernels?