System Hangs with Realtek8129/8139 Card!

Tobias Rill
Sat Jan 9 19:32:18 1999


We think that we have problems with the realtek ethernet card.
Has anyone else reported a problem like that:

The system is up! After 5-15 Hours using the Sambar Server over the 100Mbit
network, the system hang up!

Nothing is going anymore.

We have changed everything, the whole hardware, around the netcard. but the
problem is the same.

We use have probed the following kernels under S.u.S.E Linux 5.2:

2.0.34, 2.0.36, 2.1.219, 2.2.0pre4, the realtek driver is *not* loaded as a
module, compiled into kernel.

Can you please give me advance, or help?

   Tobias Rill
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