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Mon Jan 4 15:39:13 1999

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Subject: RE: RTL8129 on Linux 2.0.36
Date: Mon Jan  4 15:39:13 1999
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i got a Realtek 8129 card.
I installed Windows 98 and Linux SuSE 6.0 on my System.
When i boot my Windows 98 the card works: i got a connect on my HUB
but if boot my linux the card will be detected too but i got no connect on
HUB and canīt ping anyone (execpt myself). So i think i have to add an
option to
my driver-module.
Can you tell me what do to add ?

btw: when my rtl-driver is loaded i got following kernel-msg:
       eth0: Realtek RTL8129 Fast Ethernet at 0xb400, IRQ 11,
       eth0: No MII transceivers found! Assuming SYM transceiver.

thank you

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