System Hangs with Realtek8129/8139 Card!

Ben Ross
Tue Jan 12 08:32:52 1999

> We think that we have problems with the realtek ethernet card.
> Has anyone else reported a problem like that:
> The system is up! After 5-15 Hours using the Sambar Server over the 100Mbit
> network, the system hang up!
> Nothing is going anymore.

We have encountered similar problems with a motherboard with a built in
rtl8139 chip. The system hangs after an unpredicatble amount of time, only
when the network is plugged in. 
We are using v1.04 of the driver compiled as a module. We have attempted
to debug the problem without success, however we have been meaning to send
an email to Donald detailing the circumstances under which the system
hangs. Hopefully we will be able to send this soon.


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