[eepro100] Problem with Eltora/Giagbyte GS-SR104 and 82557/82558 drivers Linux kernel 2.4.18

Howard Wilkinson howard@cohtech.co.uk
Thu Jan 9 17:06:01 2003

I have a very perplexing problem with an installation on an Eltora GS-SR104. This is badged version of the Gigabyte GS-SR104, with as far as I can see just a different sticker put on the front of the machine. I have a number of these boxes installed on client sites, running firewall applications using kernel version 2.2.19. Everything works fine, BUT I now have our next release due out which is based on kernel version 2.4.18 as released by Redhat and the system will not configure the network interface to receive packets. I can PXE boot the boxes, anaconda runs and get the e100 or the eepro100 driver up and running and DHCP sends request out but no response get received. Manual configuration makes no difference, the interface still refuses to receive traffic.

The switches in use are Cisco 2924XL's and I have tried auto, 10/half, 10/full, 100/half & 100/full but no difference.

So I installed the latest e100 drivers 2.1.29 and the latest scyld drivers (still waiting to test these but I am not hopeful) and the e100 drivers still do not work.

In desperation I have trawled every web site I can think of, the search engines have even sent me to religious icons sites, but to no avail ....

Anybody have any suggestions?

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