[eepro100] single eepro100 occupies eth0 to eth7 (driver v1.13)

Michael Renzmann mrenzmann@web.de
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:24:00 +0200


> i do 90% of my stuff with D815EEAL and p3... and pci nic cards..
> ( hundreds of um ....
>         - mostly variations of rh w/ latest kernels...
>         - donno why customers like rh...
>         ( but is easy to fix their booboos at least...
> you didnt say which linux distro you're using...but...

The distro is Debian 2.2r3, but the kernel has been compiled by me. The
eepro100 driver is directly included within the kernel, it is not the
module version.

> the eth0 ... ethn  problem has usually been an issue with the nic
> startup scripts ...  
> redhat:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* files

I will have a look at that one as soon as I return to work next week
(Tuesday). But I think this is not the source of the problems as the
driver is not a module in my case.

> if you do NOT have a pci NIC card...there should be no rtl1839
> detected... donno where/why you're getting it ... interesting 
> problem for 2.2.19 w/ the new eepro100 driver ??

Sorry, maybe this one was a bit misleading. The board itself has an
eepro100 included within the chipset. As the "pure" kernel that is
delivered along with Debian does not recognize the chipset-internal
ethernet port, we used an additional pci-nic with rtl8139 chipset. When
I recompiled the 2.2.19-kernel with the newer eepro100-driver I did not
remove the additional rtl8139-nic. When the new kernel was booted the
eepro100-driver was the first of the two to be initialized, and thus it
was able to "grab" all available eth-interfaces. So the rtl8139-driver
was not able to get an additional one.

> PS.. please keep your line width at a max of 60-80 chars ...
> manually type newline if you have to

Sorry, must be a missed configuration parameter at sylpheed. When I
return to the linux box I will change that. Thanks for the hint.

Bye, Mike