[eepro100] single eepro100 occupies eth0 to eth7 (driver v1.13)

Alvin Oga aoga@Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 05:13:19 -0700 (PDT)

hi ya michael

i will be doing a 2.2.19 & 2.4.3 test on a D815eeal mb
myself with rh-7.0 ( or rh-7.1 if i can find it )
- to ship to customers... usually works for me...

- i've never used anything from intels cdrom tht comes
  with the motherboard...

- i use the eeproo drivers from the kernel, or beckers site
  and/or patch it..depending on customer requirements

and good...if you have pci-nics...good that explains why
the rtl1839 was loaded/detected..had me confused..

debian keeps their network comfig files at

	- try checking for conflicts etc

have fun linuxing
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On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Michael Renzmann wrote:

> Hi.
> > i do 90% of my stuff with D815EEAL and p3... and pci nic cards..
> > ( hundreds of um ....
> >         - mostly variations of rh w/ latest kernels...
> > 
> >         - donno why customers like rh...
> >         ( but is easy to fix their booboos at least...
> > 
> > you didnt say which linux distro you're using...but...
> The distro is Debian 2.2r3, but the kernel has been compiled by me. The
> eepro100 driver is directly included within the kernel, it is not the
> module version.
> > the eth0 ... ethn  problem has usually been an issue with the nic
> > startup scripts ...  
> > redhat:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* files
> I will have a look at that one as soon as I return to work next week
> (Tuesday). But I think this is not the source of the problems as the
> driver is not a module in my case.
> > if you do NOT have a pci NIC card...there should be no rtl1839
> > detected... donno where/why you're getting it ... interesting 
> > problem for 2.2.19 w/ the new eepro100 driver ??
> Sorry, maybe this one was a bit misleading. The board itself has an
> eepro100 included within the chipset. As the "pure" kernel that is
> delivered along with Debian does not recognize the chipset-internal
> ethernet port, we used an additional pci-nic with rtl8139 chipset. When
> I recompiled the 2.2.19-kernel with the newer eepro100-driver I did not
> remove the additional rtl8139-nic. When the new kernel was booted the
> eepro100-driver was the first of the two to be initialized, and thus it
> was able to "grab" all available eth-interfaces. So the rtl8139-driver
> was not able to get an additional one.
> > PS.. please keep your line width at a max of 60-80 chars ...
> > manually type newline if you have to
> Sorry, must be a missed configuration parameter at sylpheed. When I
> return to the linux box I will change that. Thanks for the hint.
> Bye, Mike
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