[eepro100] Problem with eepro100 driver, v1.13, linux-2.2.19

Nate Amsden subscriptons@graphon.com
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 14:05:58 -0700

Craig Tierney wrote:
> I have been trying to run the latest eepro100 driver from
> www.scyld.com (v1.13).  The kernel is 2.2.19.  The system
> is an ES40 with 2 CPUS and 2GB ram..  The good news is that I am not
> Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try or other
> things to look at?

you sure the system can handle writing 2GB files over NFS? i
read a few places that at least on solaris 2GB should be the
limit for files. i mounted all my nfs exports on solaris machines
with the 'nolargefiles' option to restrict files to 2GB.
is the file exactly 2GB or is it bigger? what happens when you
ftp the file? or scp it? anything but nfs transfer it ?

does the problem still occur when transferring say 2 1GB files?
or 2 1.5GB files?

maybe linux is different ........though ive heard nfs with
linux is one of its biggest downsides. i would lean towards
blaming the nfs client.


Nate Amsden
System Administrator