[eepro100] a comment on compaq DL360 on board eepro100 card

??? conan@linuxsecurity.co.kr
Fri, 6 Oct 2000 15:39:44 +0900

It's again about a problem of "wait_for_cmd_done" message.
The eepro100.c version 2000/5/31 has problem using compaq DL360
on-board eepro100 card,
while eepro100.c version 1.18 1999/12/29 works fine.

problem description:
- Driver runs well when the machine got cold reboot.
(actually, power cable should be disconnected and reconnected.)
- Driver makes an error when the machine got warm reboot.
(when typeing "reboot" or "shutdown -h" and push "power" button)
- In the second case, if there is no traffic on the network (ex, network
cable is not connected),
the problem does not occur.