[eepro100] Alignment Errors on Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch

Blake Barnett Blake.Barnett@DevelopOnline.com
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 13:45:38 -0700

For some reason, when we use the mii-diag utility to force 100mbs - Full
Duplex we get a ton of Alignment errors on our catalyst.  Anyone have any

1. The cards are eepro100's with 100mbs link-lights on.
2. The ports on the switch are set to 100-FD
3. When changing the ports on the switch to 10-FD 99% of the errors go away,
but speed is reduced dramatically.  (imagine that.)
4. I've downloaded the SRPMS for redhat and recompiled the drivers,
mii-diag, and eepro100-diag, all goes well.  Still seems to be the same

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Blake Barnett
Sr. Unix Administrator
DevelopOnline.com Corporation