Update w/ Compaq 82558B, 559 problems

Jason Colflesh jason.colflesh@sap-ag.de
Tue May 25 08:21:51 1999

Okey, I have some more info on my NIC issues. First, Compaq
checked out the ProLiant 1850R, 1600 and Prosignia 720 on Linux.
The 720 apparently carries the Intel 82558 or 559 chipset, so
they have it known working (in a different machine, though).

Also, I loaded up the driver module with high debug, and found some
interesting stuff with the 559. As follows:

eth0: Invalid EEPROM Checksum 0x60fe, check settings before attaching /
this device
eth0: Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 at 0x24c0, 00:A4:00:80:D2:9C, IRQ 11
Receiver lock-up bug exists -- enabling workaround
Board assembly 80080-000, Physical connectors present:
Primary interface chip: None PHY #0
General self-test: passed
Serial sub-system self-test: passed
Internal registers self-test: passed
ROM checksum self-test: passed (0x04f4518b)
Receiver lock-up workaround activated

I don't receive any EEPROM errors with the 558, although it does see
physical connector RJ45, primary interface chip i82555.

In both cases, the system locks up before any error messages occur.
I notice that pumpd manages to kick off (I get a message 'Determining
IP information for eth0...), but that's all.

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