Intel EtherExpress Pro Transmitter crash with 2.2.9 (Ipv6 related?)

Osma Ahvenlampi
Tue May 25 02:35:20 1999

Jason Gunthorpe <> writes:
> Well hopefully VA will hear about this and stop shipping these cards with
> their machines since they clearly do not work 100%. We will swap it out, I
> have no desire to work with defective hardware/drivers at a distance.

If they followed the linux-eepro100 list, they would know about it. If 
they don't know, obviously they don't follow the list, in which case
it would probably be beneficial for one of their customers to inform
them about the issue.

The easiest way to cause a major eepro100 crash (which fortunately
does not crash the entire machine - the kernel will restart the
network driver, but the network itself will have to endure massive
amounts of trash broadcasted from the failed system in the meantime)
is to run Netatalk on it. AppleTalk/EtherTalk uses a lot of Ethernet
multicast traffic, and with even a couple of Macs on the same subnet,
an unpatched eepro100 driver on a Netatalk server will crash within 10 

Osma Ahvenlampi