Problem with mass-collisions

Georg Koester
Sun Sep 6 06:01:02 1998

Michael Kujawa wrote:

> >
>   It's a 'terminator'.  A 10Base-2 network needs to have a terminator at
> each end to work properly.  That means TWO terminators.  The smallest,
> properly terminated 10Base-2 network would be a 'T' connector with two
> terminators on it.  In fact, terminators always go on 'T's
> Example 10Base-2 network:
> Terminator T ------ T ------ T Terminator
>        Computer  Computer   Hub
Hi all!
Yes, now I see the Problem! Its so easy: normally two terminators are
connected in parallel. So we have 1/(1/50+1/50)=25ohm. And I simply had
one, so there was a 50ohm termination. One will surely get reflections
Thank you very much for your picture! I connected two terminators with a
T connector on the open bnc-connector and everythings fine!

So finally thank you all very much for your help! IŽ m glad there are
people like you out there!

ciao Georg

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