Problem with mass-collisions

Michael Kujawa
Fri Sep 4 11:20:04 1998

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Georg Koester wrote:

> I tried something new! And I got good transmissions!
> then just like a direct-connection? Next thing IŽ m going to try is a
> different 50-ohm-thing. Maybe mine is just broken. And there is a
> question left: Will it hurt my repeater, if it runs without
> 50-ohm-thingy? 
> ciao Georg

  It's a 'terminator'.  A 10Base-2 network needs to have a terminator at
each end to work properly.  That means TWO terminators.  The smallest,
properly terminated 10Base-2 network would be a 'T' connector with two
terminators on it.  In fact, terminators always go on 'T's

Example 10Base-2 network:

Terminator T ------ T ------ T Terminator
       Computer  Computer   Hub

  With just one terminator, your hub thinks it is detecting a valid
network attached to the bnc connector.  But since you don't have a valid
network, you get transmission problems.

  You should be fine without a terminator on the BNC connector.