Problem with mass-collisions

Georg Koester
Thu Sep 3 13:37:07 1998

Hello over there;)

I tried something new! And I got good transmissions!
First the news: My repeater is one with a bnc(rg58,cheapernet)
connector(8*tp,1*uplink,1*bnc) and normally I don´ t touch the
50-ohm-thing(i don´ t know the english word;). But now I tried without
it, and I get normal speeds with tcp-links. Ftp and everything´ s a lot
faster! But why? Doesn´ t the repeater have to generate
collision-signals? When the net runs without the 50-ohm-thing, is that
then just like a direct-connection? Next thing I´ m going to try is a
different 50-ohm-thing. Maybe mine is just broken. And there is a
question left: Will it hurt my repeater, if it runs without
ciao Georg


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