Problem with DCHP

Doug Goldstein
Thu Dec 17 21:13:54 1998

I just recently got into Linux for my company. I got the task of setting
up our web server on the network. Which we have the Intel EtherExpress
Pro/100B cards and Intel InBusiness Hubs. I purchased a book including
RedHat 5.1 and installed it along with the card. Rebuilt the kernel so
it's a driver. Only problem is that during booting up the card is
detected and passes all the tests. But our network is connected to the
web via a cable modem so this server needs to connect to the DHCP server
to get an IP address. But for some reason everytime it tries during boot
up it fails. I was required to get a different DHCP client called
rrDHCPcd, cause that's what works with the cable provider. Try as I do I
can not get it to connect to the server. Nor when I type /sbin/ifconfig
does the eth0 device show up. The eth0 does show when typing cat
/proc/net/dev. If there is anyone that can help I'd really appreciate
it. Or if there is any other info I need to provide just tell me.

Doug Goldstein