Network card configuration problem

Rogier Wolff
Wed Dec 16 11:13:07 1998

B.Sreemoolanathan wrote:
> Hi Don,
> 	I am having a problem with getting the eth0 interface in the Intel i82557
> Etherlink Express card up. I happened to see that you had written the
> driver for the card. Please help.
> 	I was trying to install RedHat Linux 5.0 in a PC with Pentium 200 Mhz.
> During install the Linux recognised the card and accepted the IP address.
> But once it started running, the eth0 interface is not coming up. 
> When I try to configure eth0 using ifconfig it gives the error
> 	" SIOCSIFFLAGS : Resource temporarily not available"

Most likely the interrupt is already taken by something else in your
system. Try reading the web pages on donalds' site about this.


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