Problem with DCHP

Scott Stone
Thu Dec 17 21:51:03 1998

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Doug Goldstein wrote:

> I just recently got into Linux for my company. I got the task of setting
> up our web server on the network. Which we have the Intel EtherExpress
> Pro/100B cards and Intel InBusiness Hubs. I purchased a book including
> RedHat 5.1 and installed it along with the card. Rebuilt the kernel so
> it's a driver. Only problem is that during booting up the card is
> detected and passes all the tests. But our network is connected to the
> web via a cable modem so this server needs to connect to the DHCP server
> to get an IP address. But for some reason everytime it tries during boot
> up it fails. I was required to get a different DHCP client called
> rrDHCPcd, cause that's what works with the cable provider. Try as I do I
> can not get it to connect to the server. Nor when I type /sbin/ifconfig
> does the eth0 device show up. The eth0 does show when typing cat
> /proc/net/dev. If there is anyone that can help I'd really appreciate
> it. Or if there is any other info I need to provide just tell me.
> Thanks.

If it shows up in /proc/net/dev, then it's an interface configuration
problem and not a driver issue, therefore it's not Donald's problem :)

Now, then, does your DHCP server know about the ethernet hardware address
of your card?  That's required.  Make sure its configuration file knows
about it.  At least, I'm pretty sure that it's required.... :)

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