[Beowulf] First cluster in 20 years - questions about today

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> How old is the old cluster?  You might actually spend more time trying to
> get the nodes all working than you’d save by having them as a compute
> element.  I’ve looked at piles of computers in my garage and thought “hey,
> I should cluster them” and then, I realize that the discount laptop I can
> buy for a few hundred bucks will blow the combination away.
> So, unless you’re “learning how to build a cluster”, I wouldn’t think
> that’s the way to go.  And for the “how to bring up a cluster tinkering”, a
> batch of rPi or beagles and a cheap switch is probably cheaper and more
> reflective of modern distros.
> OTOH, if your three old nodes are a year old, then have at it.

The old cluster is about 15 years old.  Dual cpu socket 940 Opteron.  It is
what I currently have.

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