[Beowulf] First cluster in 20 years - questions about today

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> On Sat, 1 Feb 2020 22:21:09 -0500, you wrote:
> >Should I consider Solaris or illumos?  I do plan on using ZFS, especially
> >for the data node, but I want as much redundancy as I can get, since I'm
> >going to be using used hardware.  Will the fancy Solaris cluster tools be
> >useful?
> Unless you are absolutely sure the software you want to run works on
> Solaris, using Solaris/Illumos is likely asking for trouble.
> You can get ZFS on FreeBSD, or if you are willing to overlook the
> license issues my understanding Ubuntu works quite well with ZFS.
> As for hardware, what do you mean by "used"?
> Thanks to AMD the performance of newer hardware is signficantly better
> than something 5+ years old, and relatively speaking not necessarily
> that expensive, with added benefits of less power required than
> anything 10+ years old.

I'm testing FreeBSD right now and will test *SunOS before commiting a full

My initial 3 nodes are socket 940 Opteron based.  I'm planning to acquire
two nodes of dual cpu hexacore Xeons for the cost of a small road trip next
weekend (otherwise free).

The more I think about it, maybe I'll have two clusters, one for Opterons
and one for Xeons.

I'm currently out of work on medical leave and don't have a lot of free

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