[Beowulf] large MPI adopters

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Tue Oct 14 11:13:55 PDT 2008

Andrea Di Blas wrote:
> or - are there any commercial products based on MPI that one could buy
> and run in their own company/institution? for example, let's say I want
> do do some simulations of whatever kind, and I like matlab. can I go buy
> a cluster of some kind, and also buy some matlab implementation that
> will use MPI to run on my cluster? or some other MPI-based tool? is all
> software like that still for internal use only of the entities that
> develop it?

OpenEye (http://www.eyesopen.com) makes computational chemistry software
that uses PVM. While not MPI, it's similar in that it uses a
message-passing paradigm. I supported this software at a pharmaceutical
company up until about a year ago. There was talk of porting their
programs to MPI, since PVM is relatively obsolete these days. I just
checked their website, and still see PVM being listed as the technology
of choice for FRED, ROCS and OMEGA.

MatLab has a parallel computing toolbox that uses MPI-2 interface:

Schrodinger (http://www.schrodinger.com) has a few computationa
chemistry applications that use MPI. Desmond and Parallel Jaguar are two.

These are all commercial applications that anyone (with enough $$$) can
buy, and the use MPI right out of the box.

The Schrodinger applications also support the major queuing systems
(SGE, PBS/Torge and Platform LSF) right out of the box, too, and even
provides very good documentation for setting up your parallel
environment/queue to work with their software.


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