[Beowulf] Pretty High Performance Computing

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Yes indeed at that Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop - quite a while ago - maybe 2001 or 2002

Mike gave out as the freebie on their booth Boxer Shorts with the Streamline logo on.
Compared with giving away say  t-shirts, I am not sure how much market exposure they got  (!)


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2008/9/24 Ellis Wilson <xclski at yahoo.com<mailto:xclski at yahoo.com>>

This assumes my understanding of middleware is correct in that it is a
package or entire system that simplifies things by being somewhat
blackboxed and ready to go.  Anything canned like tuna is bound to
contain too much salt.
I believe that that Mike Rudgyard, the chief exec of Streamline Computing, coined the term 'underware' for this.
This wa s presentation at one of the Daresbury Lab's Machine Evaluation Workshops, which I can't find via Google at the moment.
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