[Beowulf] A Mosix Cluster or Beowulf

Pere Urbón Bayes purbon at deic.uab.es
Thu Feb 23 03:22:54 PST 2006

Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
> Performance of mosix and open ssi is of course horrible in terms of
> latency between the nodes.

But if the full procceses have no interconexion and the full calculation
will be done on independent ucp, then the performance is quite good?
isn't it?

> So using either mosix or open ssi you can do only if your 100 mbit
> connections between the nodes  are simply not getting used for your software. In short only if your
> software is doing only each 10 minutes or something a little bit of communication with other processors.
> For most software here the dual cores AMD are up to 2 times faster than
> the dual core intel cpu's when using GCC compiler.
> If all what you use is SSE2 then the speed difference will be quite less
> than that in advantage of AMD.

I'm sorry, but I could not understand what you mean with SSE2? I think
that finally I'll be buying AMD, because the performance will be better.

> I assume however that the scaling of 2 processes onto 1 node is 100%
> anyway as they do 0 communication with each other.
> With such cluster software packages that have such ugly communication
> behaviour doing any form of communication
> is near impossible of course. Hopefully your software isn't doing too
> much i/o either.
> AMD chips of course scales a lot better than P4 dual cores. Itanium
> scales in fact even better, but just slightly. The diff in scaling
> between a P4 dual core and an AMD dual core is significant though.
> Get mainboards with a dual channel memory controller!

Off course!! I have this all on mind.

> It seems to matter really a lot in tests here for my Diep software (dual
> opteron dual core).
> Vincent


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