[Beowulf] A Mosix Cluster or Beowulf

Pere Urbón Bayes purbon at deic.uab.es
Thu Feb 23 03:17:54 PST 2006

Mark Hahn wrote:
>>Hello to everybody, I have on mind to build an open mosix cluster with a
>>2 UCP from AMD (DualCore) machines.
> why openmosix (rather than, say, beowulf)?

Sorry! When I mean openmosix i was speaking about to implement a mosix
cluster, and with beowulf a not mosix cluster ( like with MPI, etc... ).
The better subject could be: Mosix Cluster VS MPI (etc, ... ) Clusters..

>>Who's better, AMD or Intel dual-core ucp?.
> it's largely a matter of taste, though there are some less 
> critical differences that matter more to some people.

But I think that AMD Opteron Dual-Core have independent data buses for
the diferents cores, isn't it?

 >>How about the temperature?
> Intel, in general, dissipates more for a comparable machine than AMD.
> this is modulated somewhat depending on power-saving features, 
> but those depend on the machine being idle (which, presumably, 
> anyone in HPC wants to avoid...)

This is what I thought, but the performace of AMD Dual-Core will be
better than the intel.

>>Which do you prefer? How about the performance on a mosix cluster?
> as far as I know, Mosix is still most relevant for non-IO/IPC-intensive
> serial (maybe threaded) jobs. 

This is what i need and for this i think that finally i will use an

 is there an MPI implementation that behaves
> well on Mosix?  it would be sort of interesting to see how a sysv-shm
> MPI behaved on Mosix (since it provides some aspect of network-shared mem).
> that would seem a more promising direction than trying to make socket-based
> MPI migratable...
> but I have no direct experience with Mosix.


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