[Beowulf] A Mosix Cluster or Beowulf

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 22 12:34:57 PST 2006

Performance of mosix and open ssi is of course horrible in terms of latency 
between the nodes.

So using either mosix or open ssi you can do only if your 100 mbit 
connections between the nodes
are simply not getting used for your software. In short only if your 
software is doing only each 10 minutes or something
a little bit of communication with other processors.

For most software here the dual cores AMD are up to 2 times faster than the 
dual core intel cpu's when using GCC compiler.
If all what you use is SSE2 then the speed difference will be quite less 
than that in advantage of AMD.

I assume however that the scaling of 2 processes onto 1 node is 100% anyway 
as they do 0 communication with each other.
With such cluster software packages that have such ugly communication 
behaviour doing any form of communication
is near impossible of course. Hopefully your software isn't doing too much 
i/o either.

AMD chips of course scales a lot better than P4 dual cores. Itanium scales 
in fact even better, but just slightly. The diff in scaling
between a P4 dual core and an AMD dual core is significant though.

Get mainboards with a dual channel memory controller!

It seems to matter really a lot in tests here for my Diep software (dual 
opteron dual core).


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> Hello to everybody, I have on mind to build an open mosix cluster with a
> 2 UCP from AMD (DualCore) machines.
> Who's better, AMD or Intel dual-core ucp?. How about the temperature?
> Which do you prefer? How about the performance on a mosix cluster?
> Thanks a lot.
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