[Beowulf] flange clearance on sliding rails

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>We have two racks in the machine room.  They are both generic
>(ie, not from a major manufacturer like Dell, Sun, or IBM.)
>Neither one of them will hold a set of sliding rails properly.
>The other rack, from another group, has the same problem on one
>side.  For that one (square holes with the little clamp in nuts)
>there's absolutely nothing to adjust.  What's most infuriating about
>this case is that there's almost 2 inches of free space on the other
>side, all they had to do was to make the narrower rail a tiny bit
>wider, and the wider one a tiny bit narrower.
>In both cases the mounting flanges are only about 2 mm too wide.
>I've seen this now with rails from two different sources.
>Is this a common problem?
Getting the actual EIA spec (officially) is quite expensive.
Fortunately you CAN find a copy of it here:

I think that  will show you if the suppliers met the specs or not.

Good luck!

BTW, regarding your comment:
"ie, not from a major manufacturer like Dell, Sun, or IBM"

We have seen these companies routinely break this spec.
Dell are especially frequent in that practice.

"Standards? We don't need no steenking standards!"

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