[Beowulf] hi, how to do clustering

Lombard, David N david.n.lombard at intel.com
Thu Aug 4 12:48:17 PDT 2005

The clustering used by this group does not support the work you want to
do.  You need to look for high-availability clustering; this list is
interested in high-performance computing, which a mail server is not...

One suitable site is http://www.linux-ha.org/, in particular, the
heartbeat project.


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> Hi,
>   I am new to this cluster. First of all, i want to
> know, that could we do on intel PIV 2.4 GHz based
> computer. My requirement is,i want to do cluster for
> qmail server(load balance as well as fail over) on 2
> nodes. That 2 nodes are intel PIV 2.4 GHz based
> computer, having each one 1GB RAM and O.S is RHEL3.0.
> Currently qmail is on one computer. So, that i want to
> implement on 2 computers with clustering. Can any one
> clearly explain, how to do clustering. Is their any
> better suggestion to implement. I didn't find any
> download link for beowulf. Is their any, Plz provide.

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