[Beowulf] hi, how to do clustering

Mike Davis jmdavis at mail2.vcu.edu
Thu Aug 4 13:10:39 PDT 2005

Heartbeat solves half of the problem. The load balancing issue requires 
more work. There are a couple of ways to go with it. One is to use some 
additional hardware to loadbalance qmail across two nodes. The specific 
implementation of qmail will determine how complex this needs to be.

Currently you are running one qmail server. Is the performance issue 
only during peak useage, or are you seeing performance issues throughout 
the day? Does the qmail server also serve as a mailserver for users or 
is it expressly smtp? Separating out the smtp from pop and imap can be a 
good strategy to improve performance.

Mike Davis

Lombard, David N wrote:

>The clustering used by this group does not support the work you want to
>do.  You need to look for high-availability clustering; this list is
>interested in high-performance computing, which a mail server is not...
>One suitable site is http://www.linux-ha.org/, in particular, the
>heartbeat project.

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