[Beowulf] hi, how to do clustering

qmail db qmaildb at yahoo.co.in
Wed Aug 3 21:52:46 PDT 2005


  I am new to this cluster. First of all, i want to
know, that could we do on intel PIV 2.4 GHz based
computer. My requirement is,i want to do cluster for
qmail server(load balance as well as fail over) on 2
nodes. That 2 nodes are intel PIV 2.4 GHz based
computer, having each one 1GB RAM and O.S is RHEL3.0.
Currently qmail is on one computer. So, that i want to
implement on 2 computers with clustering. Can any one
clearly explain, how to do clustering. Is their any
better suggestion to implement. I didn't find any
download link for beowulf. Is their any, Plz provide.

Thanks & Regards

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