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Tim Mattox tmattox at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 09:26:19 PDT 2004

Hello Kamran Mustafa,
Our research group tends to avoid software with "per node"
licensing fees.  Depending on the kind of software, you
should have free/open source alternatives that require no
licensing fees at all.  If you could list the specific software you
are worried about, maybe we (the beowulf list) can suggest
free (or single cost) alternatives.

For operating systems, I would suggest you look at
http://caosity.org/ which I am involved with.
Similarly, for a cluster management software, check out
http://warewulf-cluster.org/ which I am also involved with.

There are plenty more alternatives to those two, but
they are a good start looking for the base stuff.

As for application level software and/or compilers,
I'll leave that to other bewoulfers to comment on.
Our group tends to work with application developers,
so they have their own codes they compile.

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 10:53:11 +0500, Kamran Mustafa
<mkamranmustafa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working as an IT Manager at NED University of Engineering &
> Technology, Karachi, Pakistan, and currently managing a Linux based
> Cluster of 50 nodes. I just wanted to ask you that how to manage
> licensing issues on a beowulf cluster. Lets say, if you want to run an
> application software on 50 nodes then will you purchase 50 licenses of
> that software or if there is any other alternative to handle this
> licensing issue, because purchasing such a huge number of licences
> will definitely be very expensive. Actually, I also want to purchase
> different software for my 50 noded cluster but purchasing 50 licences
> of each software costs me alot, thats why I am in need of your
> guidance and kind suggestions.
> Regards,
> Muhammad Kamran Mustafa
> I.T. Manager
> Centre for Simulation & Modeling,
> NED University of Engineering & Technology,
> Karachi, Pakistan.
> Tel: (9221) 9243261-8 ext 2372
> Fax: (9221) 9243248

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