[Beowulf] RedHat Satellite Server as a cluster management tool.

Tim Mattox tmattox at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 19:56:44 PDT 2004

Hello Michael,
I'm one of the co-developers of Warewulf.
We try to make it as sysadmin friendly as we can.
If you haven't seen it yet, check out the README
file inside the RPM (it gets put in /usr/share/doc/warewulf...)
It explains the philosophy behind Warewulf's development.

If you have any questions about Warewulf, feel free
to post to it's mailing list.  I also follow the Beowulf
mailing list, but not daily.  I admit Warewulf's
documentation can be lacking (or there, but
talking about a previous version), but once you
get into it a bit, the system makes quite a lot of
sense... mostly ;-)

For your specific task you describe, I would think
Warewulf would work well for you.  It's not perfect,
but we eat our own dogfood, and this is the best
tasting "dogfood" I've used for cluster management. ;-)

Managing a cluster with Warewulf is kind of like
sysadmining less than two machines... the boot server,
and then a "virtual node"... which is just a chroot
on the boot server.  If your cluster is heterogeneous,
you can set up more than one VNFS (virtual node
file system).

And I can't pass up commenting about the costs
for "per node" software...  I grimace at anything
where the cost of the software has ANY non-zero
multiple related to the number of nodes.  Why?
The hardware costs in the cluster's I've helped build
tend to be far under $1k per node, and usually
under $500 per node.  RHN is just not an option
for that kind of cluster.

Anyway, good luck choosing a cluster management
tool for your setup.  The ones rgb mentioned are
all worth considering.
Tim Mattox - tmattox at gmail.com - http://homepage.mac.com/tmattox/

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