[Beowulf] a cluster to drive a wall of monitors

Douglas Eadline, Cluster World Magazine deadline at linux-mag.com
Wed Oct 13 15:41:32 PDT 2004

We did an issue on this:


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On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Evan Cull wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was told this list would be a good place to ask for advice on the 
> following project.  (I've tried to search through list archives for 
> related info, but I haven't managed to spot anything so far.) 
> I'm helping with a project that want's to drive a wall of about 50 LCD 
> panels with a linux cluster running Syzygy:
> http://www.isl.uiuc.edu/syzygy.htm
> I was considering a cluster of either 50 single processor nodes or 25 
> dual processor + dual output graphics card nodes.  I suppose 50 dual 
> processor nodes would be nice, but I'm pretty sure that's well out of my 
> budget range.  I'm betting that the 50 single processor nodes would 
> easily have twice the graphics performance of the 25 dual nodes because 
> they have 2x as many video cards.  The tradeoff here is that the dual 
> processor nodes might be more useful for other more general computing 
> tasks we could run on them. 
> Does anyone here have experience buying rackmountable cluster nodes 
> *with graphics cards* who can point me to a vendor?
> For that matter, have any of you built a similar system & have any 
> suggestions / comments?
> thanks,
> Evan Cull
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