[Beowulf] rsh don't see the real variables

Gustavo Gobi Martinelli gustavo at martinelli.etc.br
Sat Oct 9 18:57:04 PDT 2004


> One more comment.  pvm under Red Hat * (and now under Fedora Core 2) IS
> a shell script (in /usr/bin/pvm).  It should set PVM_ROOT correctly for
> you, automagically, whether or not it is set in your original or nodes
> shells, as PVM is started somewhere and used to build a virtual cluster
> IF you invoke PVM by name on the default path.

Yes, I don't include the pvm path on the default path. But I remember that the
PATH that I saw on the rsh session was incomplete, compareted with the

I have to know where this variables are declared.

> This can probably still screw up with some ways you might use PVM, but
> there SHOULD be ways to do your project that don't require a PVM_ROOT to
> be spelled out in your node shells.

I agree, but I have to make PVM works quickly. I will try other ways.

Thank´s again
Gustavo Gobi Martinelli

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